Maximising Government Entitlements

A lot of people aren’t maximising their Government entitlements or tax deductions. Good financial advice means you can make the most of your entitlements across the board.

Entitlements such as: 

  • The First Home Buyers Grant varies from state to state and depends on the type and value of the property being purchased. Are you eligible?

  • A full or part Age Pension not only gives you additional income but access a wide range of concessions and benefits. Eligibility for the Age Pension is based on the income and assets tests. A part Age Pension can supplement income received from private superannuation savings.

  • If you don’t qualify for the Age Pension, you may qualify for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CHSC). Entitling you to discounts on; PBS prescription medicines, out of hospital expenses and some transport, health and household expenses.

  • Pensioner Concession Card can result in more refunds for medical expenses through Medicare and bulk billing for doctor’s appointments.

  • Disability Support Pensions may be available for those who have a permanent and diagnosed disability or medical condition and are between 16 years and the pension age. They need to meet residency requirements along with income and assets tests.

Are you making the most of your entitlements?

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